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By Æleen Frisch

If you're a Unix procedure administrator, then the data you wish each day simply to get your activity performed may fill a book--a very huge booklet. yet, essentially conversing, you don't are looking to cease and thumb via a weighty quantity every time a challenge arises. Your solution is the Essential method management Pocket Reference, the one method management reference that matches on your pocket. Concise and easy-to-use, this little publication is the moveable spouse to the vintage Essential process Administration via AEleen Frisch.

The Essential approach management Pocket Reference is a brief connection with all of the primary and crucial initiatives required to run such divergent Unix platforms as Solaris, Linux, AIX, BSD, SuSe, purple Hat, and extra. rookies and skilled directors alike will speedy be capable of observe its rules and recommendation to resolve daily difficulties. The booklet is split into 3 components: instructions, Syntax and Their functions, Configuration documents and codecs, and working process particular details. the knowledge during this booklet is a must have for any administrator or person of a Unix system.

O'Reilly's Pocket References became a favourite between expertise execs in every single place. through offering a wealth of significant information in a concise, well-organized structure, those convenient books bring simply what you want to entire the duty to hand. while you've reached a sticking aspect and want to get to an answer fast, the recent Essential method management Pocket Reference is the ebook you'll are looking to have.

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Options (filename not allowed) -e Edit the current file. -l List current crontab entries. -r Remove all current entries. cronttab file format mins hrs day-of-month month weekday cmd Most systems mins hrs day-of-month month weekday user cmd FreeBSD The various fields are explained here. , 1-4), or a wildcard. 56 | mins Minutes after the hour: 0-59. hrs Hour of the day: 0-23 (0=midnight). Essential System Administration Pocket Reference day-of-month Numeric day within a month: 1-31. month The month of the year: 1-12.

Sync sync; sync [; sync …] Flush unwritten buffers to disk. User Accounts /etc/passwd The password file username:x:UID:GID:user-info:home-dir:login-shell username 34 | User account login name (generally limited to 8 characters). Essential System Administration Pocket Reference x Traditional password field, set to a fixed character (usually x) when a shadow password file is in use. ), and FreeBSD uses an asterisk (*). UID The user identification number. GID The user’s primary group membership. , office location or phone number).

Note that these files do not affect any existing crontab entries (which will continue to be executed until they are removed). Managing Paging Space View paging spaces list and usage AIX: HP-UX: Linux: lsps -a FreeBSD: pstat -s swapinfo -t -a -m Solaris: swap -l cat /proc/swaps (list), free -m -o (usage) pagesize (FreeBSD, AIX, Solaris) pagesize Display the size of a memory page. Defining paging areas Place swap in the filesystem type field of /etc/fstab (Solaris: /etc/ vfstab): FreeBSD: HP-UX: 58 | device device none swap sw 0 0 … swap pri=n 0 0 Essential System Administration Pocket Reference Linux: Solaris: AIX: device swap swap defaults 0 0 device - - swap - no List in /etc/swapspaces: name: Identifying label dev = device Logical volume special file swapon swapon -a Activate all configured paging spaces.

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