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Current Topics in Complement II

Aegean meetings is an self sufficient, nonprofit, academic association directed and controlled by means of the medical neighborhood. The board is made of 9 researchers/scientists in a variety of disciplines from Harvard, Brown, college of Pennsylvania, UCSD, Princeton, Biovista and the root for Biomedical study Academy of Athens.

Der Experimentator: Immunologie

Lieber EXPERIMENTATOR,seit der Erstauflage im Jahr 2004 ist nun die four. Auflage des Immuno-EXPERIMENTATORS erschienen. Das Werk präsentiert die methodische Vielfalt der Immunologie, indem es die gängigen Methoden auf einfache Weise erklärt und auf Vor- und Nachteile sowie auf kritische Punkte eingeht.

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Geriatr. Soc. 2003 Mar;51(3):300-5. Chen GX, Johnston JJ, Alterman T, Burnett C, Steenland K, Stern F, Halperin W. Expanded analysis of injury mortality among unionized construction workers. Am. J. Ind. Med. 2000 Apr;37(4):364-73. McMurdo ME, Millar AM, Daly F. A randomized controlled trial of fall prevention strategies in old peoples' homes. Gerontology. 2000 MarApr;46(2):83-7. Kumate J. Infectious diseases in the 21st century. Arch. Med. Res. 1997 Summer;28(2):155-61. Delarozière JC, Sanmarco JL.

Sci. Tech. 2008 Aug;27(2):319-30. [4] Foster RG, Roenneberg T. Human responses to the geophysical daily, annual and lunar cycles. Curr. Biol. 2008 Sep 9;18(17):R784-R794. [5] Wiwanitkit V. Focus on Climate Change and Health. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2009. [6] Bantje HF. Female stress and birth seasonality in Tanzania. J. Biosoc. Sci. 1988 Apr;20(2):195-202. [7] Kalichava DG, Chkhaidze TK. Correlation between frequency of gestosis onset and the change of seasonal biorhythms and diagnostic value of dopplerometry.

Important examples of this type of psychopathology include cases of heavy metal intoxication in the communities that lack environmental regulations for industry. Some important reports on environmental intoxication and psychopathology are listed in table 2. Table 2. Important reports on environmental intoxication and psychopathology Authors Bowler et al [31] Lichtenstein and Masilamani [32] Bornschein et al [33] Ichihara et al [34] Wennberg et al [35] Silverman et al [36] Orbaek et al [37] Struwe and Wennberg [38] Details Bowler et al report on sequelae of fume exposure in confined space welding focusing on a neurological and neuropsychological case series [31].

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