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Adventure a brand new fact via wondrous visions of the Enochian angels Enochian magick, a method of angelic evocation, is among the oldest varieties of ceremonial magick within the Western global, and maybe the one strongest magical process in all occultism. It was once built by means of the Elizabethan magician Dr. John Dee who, with the help of his seer, Edward Kelly, channeled an angelic language and alphabet that's remarkably powerful in starting up the brain to currents of intelligence some distance past the human norm. no matter if you're a newbie in your course of analysis or already a sophisticated magician, there's something for you in Enochian Initiation. writer Frater W.I.T. stocks his personal reviews and deeply own visions, increasing upon and broadening the trail towards knowing solid by way of John Dee, Aleister Crowley, and different nice magicians who've come prior to. by way of bringing this custom into the trendy period, Frater W.I.T. indicates how human cognizance should be improved and tested extra heavily than with easy meditation, psychoanalysis, or perhaps mind-altering medicinal drugs. For these of you who may have hesitated to review Enochian magick since you don't proportion an analogous ideals or convictions of the deeply non secular Elizabethans, leisure guaranteed that it's attainable to accomplish an analogous wondrous effects inside of a impartial non secular context. Frater W.I.T. has built a nonreligious spirituality in his conjurations whereas nonetheless utilizing Hebrew and Enochian divine names. via this publication, you too will boost new strategies and concepts to form your individual magical type and strategy. An start up of either the Masonic and Rosicrucian colleges of puzzle, Frater W.I.T. has spent greater than 20 years learning western occult traditions. the aim of his life's paintings is to improve new tools of ceremonial magick and discover new vistas of psychic and non secular strength.

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16 This principle puts limits on the infinite to create spacetime, wherein life and death can occur. Binding and expansion are the twin pillars to the temple of this mystery. BATAIVAH – King of Air AAOZAIF – Jupiter Senior of Air Sunday, August 29, 1999 I evoked BATAIVAH, the King of the East, and AAOZAIF, Jupiter Senior of Air, at today’s magick workshop. The great King turned out to be far beyond my and my partner’s ability to handle, our visions involving only abstract shapes and disembodied voices.

Real power focuses on the mind of the magician who uses the Watchtower tablets, producing effects of a particular kind based on the entity conjured. If the old grimoires are at all accurate in their claims of what abilities and talents may be derived by their use, real magical powers may be developed this way, true wizardry like in the old fairy tales. The road to success, however, is a long one. My vision of the Air King involved flying through long, spiraling tunnels of black and white airy force that seemed to pass through all dimensions and scales of reality, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, and everything in between.

There, in front of my mind’s eye, was the face of a woman with very long, black hair. She was more real and solid and existent than any other vision I’ve ever had. Everything before this was like a cartoon in comparison. For the first time in my life, I’d encountered something that was truly outside myself. My magick had brought something new into my psyche. To say that she was huge would be a ridiculous understatement. Her vast face was huge, like an ocean is huge compared to a pond. She filled all the varying dimensions revealed by the Earth and Air angels and introduced something new, an existence of pure reality more solid than any stone, more palpable than my own body.

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