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By Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Sabri Boubaker and Duc Khuong Nguyen (Eds.)

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He was as a junior auditor xlv xlvi Author Biographies at H&A Consultant, manager at Intergate PTY Limited, quantitative analyst at ANZ, Investment Banking Division, provided consultancy services to the Australian Stock Exchange and worked in collaboration with the Finance and Treasury Association of Australia and the Australian Centre for Financial Studies. His research areas are financial markets, behavioral finance, and environmental finance. Michael Donadelli Michael Donadelli is currently a PhD Candidate in Economics at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome (Italy) and Post-Doc research fellow at the Center of Excellence SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Ines Ben Bouhouch Ines Ben Bouhouch is Research Assistant in Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Nabeul (University of Carthage, Tunisia) since September 2008, and Research Fellow at Laboratory for Research on Quantitative Development Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis. Jamel Jouini Jamel Jouini is Associate Professor of Economics at College of Business Administration (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) since September 2011, and Research Fellow at Laboratory of Economics and Management (Polytechnic School of Tunisia) since September 2005.

Moreover, discussions concerning the problems of the rating system and propositions of new rating methods in recent literature have not reached any consensus. There are two schools of thought: the first states that the credit of a country is determined by its fundamental economic condition, therefore, ratings should rely on country-specific fundamentals; the second argues that economic fundamentals are insufficient to model sovereign credit risk and they propose to use market information. , 2003).

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