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1 pF. 5 pF. Although this estimate is rather crude it is probably accurate enough for the purpose for which it is required. 12 Calculate the capacitance per unit length for the coaxial system of electrodes shown in fig. 10 Fig. 10. Rectangular coaxial electrodes. 49 2. Dielectric materials and capicitance Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers – Examples Solution Fig. 11. The electrostatic potential distribution close to the outer conductor of the arrangement of electrodes shown in fig. 10. (see Fig.

Fig. 14. Square coaxial electrodes 54 2. 12. Details of the calculation of capacitance using the spreadsheet of the finite difference solution are shown in fig. 15. An active version of this figure is available for download as an EXCEL file. The potential differences between the mesh points are calculated and stored in a row above the matrix and a column at the right-hand side. These figures are summed (note that the figure corresponding to the central plane must be halved to avoid counting it twice).

12) where Vp is a constant and V is the local potential in the channel referred to S. Given that the n channel has width w (into the page) and its other dimensions are as shown in Fig. 3 find expressions for the current in the channel: a) when the current through the resistor is small, so that the voltage VDS is much less than VGS, and b) when the current through the resistor is not small. Fig. 3 Arrangement of a pinch resistor for an integrated circuit.

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