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There are no signs of life; it is truly a desolate sight. Once in a while, gusts of snow and pieces of ice fly from the roofs of the houses into 74 OF lU[ WIND the sky. We proceed with almost an attitude of a military patrol scouting an area. Suddenly we see the main group of houses and the church; farther ahead we see lighted windows under a hotel sign. We see a short staircase outside the hotel and a massive door made of black wood; finally we are inside a Nibelungen-like environment, characterized by a warm mist made up of tobacco and stove smoke and alcohol.

We try to move more to the left, toward the rocks, in order to fmd again the favorable conditions of the snow. Unfortunately, beyond a certain point, we find exactly the opposite: fresh snow that has not frozen over and that, considering the incline, threatens to slide and drag us along toward the valley below. Thus, after two or three zigzags, we head back to the middle duct. This is the most difficult and dangerous part of the ascent; at the same time, this is the part that left indelible impressions on our souls.

Instead of drinking wine we drink rum and kirsch. We dance, and when we are drunk we begin to discuss things. Then we go out for a walk in the minus twenty-two degree night. Somebody comes up with the idea of going to the lake. It is the middle of the night. Try to imagine an immense sheet of black crystal, as levigated as a mirror, extending for miles: that is what the frozen lake looks like. The snowy peaks on the two sides of the valley and the incredibly starry sky are reflected in this sheet with a magnetic neatness; this makes us think: we are caught between a double mirage or a double transparency.

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