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His precious advisor presents a succinct, up to the moment view of ecu and overseas affairs. It provides an enormous diversity of data in a hugely available, jargon-free question-and-answer structure, giving all of the salient evidence on.

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The European Commission What is it? Also referred to as the Commission of the European Community or, simply, the Commission, this is really the executive civil service of the Community with a unique role. There are 20 Commissioners (two each for France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany, and one each for the other smaller Member States). This number is likely to be reduced to one Commissioner per country whether large or small following further enlargement of the EU. The Commissioners are appointed by the governments of Member States, by ‘common accord’ with all Member States, but haveaduty to discuss problemsfroman EU rather than a national perspective; and they must remain independent both of their governments and of the Council.

44 The ECIEU Fact Book The Office of OfficialPublications This is sited in Luxembourg (see Appendix 111). The Task Force for Human Resources, Education, Training and Youth The Euratom Supply Agency The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work This is sited in Bilbao. The Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market Trade Marks, Designs and Models This is sited in Alicante, Spain (see Chapter 14). Directorates General and services of the European Commission The composition and organization of the Commission has been subject to a radical overhaul and changes following the appointment of RomanoProdi in place of JacquesSanter,andthe appointment of a new Commission in September 1999.

Much has been said about the TEU with regard to EMU and social legislation, yet possibly its most significant effect arose from the transfer of greater direct legislative power from the national legislative bodies to the Community institutions for a wide range of matters with cross-bordereffects, with national matters remaining in the competenceof Member States. What were the aims of the TEU? The TEU common provisions and preamble set out the the Treaty, which included: aims of the promotion of an international identity leadingpossibly to a common defence policy; theestablishment of a single currency in thecontext of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU); reinforcement of environmental protection; a fund to promote cohesion in the context of economic and social progress, including improvement in thequality of life; the establishment of a common citizenship; the facilitation of free movement of people, not forgetting their safety and security; thedevelopment of closer co-operation in justice andhome affairs; an improvement in the effectiveness of the Community’s institutions, in particular by reinforcing the powersof the European Parliament (EP); the reaffirmation of the principle of proper respect for human rights; the extension of Community competence to new policy areas where this is seen to be needed.

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