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By Gwyn Campbell

This quantity contains a range of essays by means of students from a number of disciplines that debate the alternate dating among Africa and the broader Indian Ocean global (IOW), a macro-region operating from East Africa to China, from early instances to approximately 1300 CE. the explanation for relating to this macro-region as a “world” is the valuable importance of the monsoon procedure which facilitated the early emergence of long-distance trans-IOW maritime trade of commodities, peoples, vegetation, animals, applied sciences and ideas.

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4a; Lewis 1975: 261, fig. 55), but when a single outrigger boat performs the same maneuver, the outrigger is alternatingly to windward and to leeward (see Fig. 4b; Doran 1981: 38, fig. 20A). The latter constellation is very impractical. The solution was reversibility of sailing direction, which allowed advancing against the wind with constant windward orientation of the outrigger by shunting as shown in Fig. 26 This meant replacing the older triangular Oceanic sprit sail (as termed by Doran 1981: 42, fig.

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