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Knowledge of the improvement and differentiation of adrenal glands in reptile embryos is fragmentary and erroneous. Many contradictions and a scarcity of electron microscopical research of reptile adrenal primordia make it tough to check the gland improvement to different vertebrate teams. inadequate wisdom permits us to just shape hypotheses as to the differentiation of reptile adrenals, resulting in definite generalisations at the evolutionary improvement of this organ in vertebrates. hence, there are nonetheless many questions worthy answering. so far, the genesis of interrenal tissues has no longer been clarified. The query of the instant of differentiation of 2 tissues is still open, as does that in their mutual topographic dating through the improvement of adrenal glands in just about all reptile species. additionally, the time of the beginning of catecholamine synthesis in chromaffin tissue cells has now not but been outlined. We additionally don't know whilst the adrenal cells in reptiles depart the embryonic degree and input an entire task interval. The reader will locate solutions to the various above questions within the current volume.

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The embryos for examination were isolated at regular intervals starting with the moment when eggs were laid and finishing when the first individuals hatched. The age of embryos was calculated using the table of species development. 4. Embryonic tissues were dehydrated and paraffin- and epon-ernbedded with standard methods. Longitudinal, transverse and sagittal series sections were cut at 6 urn, Paraffin sections were stained with azan methods after Heidenhaim and with Ehrlich's hematoxylin and eosin as well as with Wood's (Wood 1963) and Honore's methods (Honore 1971), which are chromaffin-tissue-specific and demonstrate the occurrence of noradrenaline and adrenaline.

At trunk coil 3 half length, through open ventral wall elongated dark brown liver and yellow asymmetrically located mesonephros visible. Lateral flank muscles of the trunk are distinctly separate from transparent body walls. Head not changed in comparison to the previous stage (Fig. 16b). Stage VI. Cephalothoracic angle 115°. The number of trunk coils increased to 7; they are no longer so closely packed as in previous stages. Ventral body wall closed up to the distal margin of the left mesonephros.

31). At developmental stage IX,the structure of interrenal cords is dense. At sites which are not penetrated by the blood vessels, the cords adhere closely to one another. Interrenal cords run as twisted strands, being circular or S-shaped in transverse and sagittal sections. The cords become joined together peripherally (Fig. 32). Within the cords, cells are cubic or cylindrical in shape with nuclei centrally or apically located . Basal poles of interrenal cells are rich in light cytoplasm, containing numerous lipid droplets visible in semi thin sections.

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