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By James Joyce

This variation is written in English. even if, there's a operating Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of Dubliners. This variation will be beneficial if you'd like

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Forsake: abandonar, abandonáis, abandonen, abandonas, abandono, abandonad, abandona, abandonan, abandonamos, abandone, desamparar. gaiety: alegría. ginger: jengibre. grudging: avaro, envidiar, envidioso. idly: ociosamente. invent: inventar, invente, invento, inventas, inventen, inventan, inventamos, inventáis, inventad, inventa. listlessly: indiferentemente, lánguidamente, aplatanadamente, apáticamente. mechanic: mecánico. morosely: hoscamente, malhumoradamente, displicentemente. padded: relleno, acolchado.

Tongue: lengua, la lengua, lengüeta. tram: tranvía. vagrant: vagabundo. vent: abertura, respiradero, desahogar. vigour: fuerza, virtud. winnowed: Aventado, apaleado, beldado. James Joyce 41 "I told her I was out of a job," said Corley. "I told her I was in Pim's. She doesn't know my name. I was too hairy to tell her that. " Corley's stride acknowledged the compliment. The swing of his burly body made his friend execute a few light skips from the path to the roadway and back again. Corley was the son of an inspector of police and he had inherited his father's frame and gut.

The problem of how he could pass the hours till he met Corley again troubled him a little. He could think of no way of passing them but to keep on walking. He turned to the left when he came to the corner of Rutland Square and felt more at ease in the dark quiet street, the sombre look of which suited his mood. He paused at last before the window of a poor-looking shop over which the words Refreshment Bar were printed in white letters. On the glass of the window were two flying inscriptions: Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale.

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