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By T. K. Basu B.V.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., FACN (auth.)

In the realm at huge and within the Western international particularly, the common age of the inhabitants is expanding. this can be regarding a rise in lifespan because of impressive advances in preventive medication and the scientific sciences. There has additionally been a concomitant upward thrust of the trendy pharmaceutical and chemical industries which aid glossy remedy equipment and effect the development of human disorder. The technological know-how of nutrients has additionally made significant advances lately and is poised for much more encouraging contributions because the instruments of molecular biology are utilized to mechanisms of nutrient results on the molecular point. guide in dietary technological know-how can now not be constrained to an outline of the chemistry of significant nutritional components, illnesses linked to a deficiency, and the quantities of food required to avoid them. smooth nutritionists needs to now tackle the pervasive interrelationships of long term dietary conduct and persistent ailments of the cardiovascular approach, of melanoma, and of osteoporosis, between others. there's additionally the position of meals as a device within the therapy of put up­ operative and different sufferers within the medical atmosphere. it truly is at those interfaces that medications and nutrition have interaction in major ways.

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19 2 The Fate of Anutrients in the Body Mammals have developed defence mechanisms that render them capable of metabolising and subsequently excreting a wide range of anutrients. Most drugs in use today for the treatment of human disease owe their activity to a selective toxic effect on an infective or invasive agent, or to the selective inhibition of an enzyme system. 1). 1 METABOLISM OF FOREIGN COMPOUNDS The enzymic breakdown of drugs and other environmental chemicals takes place in two distinct phases.

H+)-- NADP - cytochrome c reductase NADP J cyt. P-450 reductase RH (drug) most extensively used conjugating substance. A large variety of aromatic acids and some aliphatic acids are known to be conjugated with the amino acid. The best known glycine conjugation product is hippuric acid (benzoylglycine), which is derived from benzoic acid. Glutamine is another amino acid which can be used as a conjugating agent. One of the known glutamine conjugation products is phenylacetylglutamine, derived from phenylacetic acid.

2 DRUGS AFFECTING ABSORPTION A variety of drugs may affect the nutritional status by impairing the absorption and therefore bioavailability of essential nutrients via several mechanisms. g. g. g. sulphasolazine). g. phenytoin, phenobarbital, diphosphonates, prednisone). , 1960; Dobbins, 1968; Faloon, 1970). Although mucosal damage is the prime cause for neomycin-induced malabsorption, the antibiotic is also known to bind bile acids and to inhibit pancreatic lipase, and thus there exists a multifactorial situation.

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