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By V.S. Georgiev


Section 1. basic Concepts

1. advent to Drug Interactions

2. Mechanisms of Drug Interactions I: Absorption, Metabolism, and Excretion

3. Mechanisms of Drug Interactions II: shipping Proteins

4. Drug-Food Interactions

Section 2: Drug Classes

1. Antiretrovirals

2. Non-HIV Antivirals

3. Rifamycins and different Anti-Tubercular Agents

4. Macrolides, Azolides, and Ketolides

5. Quinolones

6. Beta-Lactam Antibiotics

7. Antifungal Agents

8. Antimalarial Agents

9. Antiprotozoal and Antithelmintic Agents

10. Glycopeptides and Lipopeptides

11. Tetracyclines, Aminoglycosides and Miscellaneous Antibiotics

11. Drug-Cytokine Interactions

12. Drug Interactions with Herbal/Alternative Medicines

Section three: study Issues

1. Drug Interactions: Regulatory standpoint

2. Probe Cocktail Studies

3. layout and information research of Drug interplay Studies

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