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By Christopher S. Hyatt

Struggle again opposed to dogma! loose your self from all undesirable reports! discover ways to provide yourself with protection from neighbors, family and strangers, whereas having a good time. Dogma Daze is written by means of an ex-professional psychologist, educator and author, in strict organization with a touch crazed expert artist. So for those who purchase this Gem you recognize you're in stable arms! Be the 1st one in your block to appreciate the dynamics and language of man's worst enemy -- DOGMA!

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These are the Five Attitudes of God, and before we are through with this dialogue, I will show you how the application of these attitudes in your life now can—and will—bring you to Godliness. All of this is a very long answer to a very short question. Yes, hold to your values-so long as you experience that they serve you. Yet look to see whether the values you serve, with your thoughts, words, and actions, bring to the space of your experience the highest and best idea you ever had about you. Examine your values one by one.

I am manifested as Three-In-One. Some of your theologians have called this Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your psychiatrists have recognized this triumvirate and called it conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Your philosophers have called it the id, the ego, and the super ego. 42 Science calls this energy, matter, and antimatter. Poets speak of mind, heart, and soul. New Age thinkers refer to body, mind, and spirit. Your time is divided into past, present, and future. Could this not be the same as subconscious, conscious, and superconscious?

3. Love is all there is. Oops, you got me on that third one. How can love be all there is if fear attracts like energy? Love is the ultimate reality. It is the only. The all. The feeling of love is your experience of God. In highest Truth, love is all there is, all there was, and all there ever will be. When you move into the absolute, you move into love. The realm of the relative was created in order that I might experience My Self. This has already been explained to you. This does not make the realm of the relative real.

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