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By Rod Macdonald

Recounted along with his traditional point of meticulous old learn, Rod weaves an simply readable account of the build-up to and implementation of Operation Desecrate 1 – the raid undertaken to wreck eastern ships and plane within the lagoons of Palau. He makes use of his intimate wisdom of shipwrecks to bare in wonderful aspect all the 20 significant eastern WWII shipwrecks mendacity on the backside of the Palauan lagoons this day.
On thirtieth March, 1944 Grumman F6F Hellcat combatants made an preliminary fighter sweep of the lagoon to smash eastern air hide. concurrently Grumman Avenger torpedo-bombers dropped mines and successive team moves of torpedo bombers and dive-bombers sank the delivery and destroyed the airfields. Palau used to be neutralised as a eastern naval and air base in a repeat of a similar activity strength fifty eight raid, Operation Hailstone, on Truk Lagoon 1,000 miles to the east simply six weeks earlier.
A variety of long-lost wrecks have lately been relocated together with a jap freighter packed with intensity fees and military helmets. This was once present in 1989 yet remained unidentified in the past – after painstaking learn Rod finds her establish for the 1st time within the ebook. each one spoil is roofed intimately and is supported through underwater images and by means of really good illustrations through popular artist Rob Ward. The shipwrecks of Palau at the moment are revealed.

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38 Rainbow 5: Operations Galvanic, Flintlock and Catchpole The Northern Attack Force, Task Force 52, sailed from Pearl Harbor, refuelling at sea en route to attack Makin, the most northern of the Gilberts. The Southern Attack Force, Task Force 53, sailed on 16 November from New Zealand for Tarawa. The third column was the Fast Carrier Force’s Pacific Fleet (Task Force 50), the predecessor of Task Forces 38 and 58. At this time there was little hard intelligence about the Japanese forward base capabilities at Truk – it had been closed to outsiders since the end of World War I – but its possibilities exerted a strong pull on American strategic thinking.

The Carolines controlled the central Pacific – and Truk controlled the Carolines. In order to take Truk, the seizure of other Japanese strongholds to the south-east of the Carolines would be required, as would the reduction of Japanese bases as far as Woleai, Yap and Palau. A successful conquest of the Palau Islands would give US forces a naval base and airfields from where they could directly threaten Japan’s most important holdings, the Philippines, just over 500 nautical miles away to the west.

I Type F Unidentified Maru Urakami Maru IJN Wakatake Japanese Aircraft Wrecks of Palau a Aichi E13A Jake c Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter b Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter d Vought F4U Corsair N W Komebail Lagoon E Babelthuap Kosabang Harbour S 15 19 Ngerchaol 2 Ngeruktabel 7 20 Arakabesan 16 Koror a 5 Malakal 8 21 1 (13) Malakal Harbour Ulebeschel 17 Western Lagoon 9 10 a 6 c 4 12 3 Toachel Ra Kesebekuu (Malakal Pass) Pacific Ocean Urukthapel b Chart of Malakal Harbor. For wrecks outwith the immediate harbor area see chart on p12.

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