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By James Farr, Raymond Seidelman

Old landscape of perspectives concerning the nation of political technology as a discipline

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Your ordinary constitution will last you hardly ten years without repairs or additions; and the time for administrative detail comes late. Here, of course, our examples are England and our own country. The English race has long and successfully studied the art of curbing executive power to the constant neglect of the art of perfecting executive methods. It has exercised itself much more in controlling than in energizing government. It has been more concerned to render government just and moderate than to make it facile, well-ordered, and effective.

They have all been brief and bloody. When an account is given of the imaginary governments, which the greater or lesser philosophers have constructed as ideal politics, attention must be directed to the striking fact that all Utopists, from Plato to our times, have been more or less communists. The radical error of the communist consists in his exclusive acknowledgment of the principle of socialism, and his endeavors to apply it even to that which has its very origin and being in individualism-to property.

God coerces man into society, and necessitates the growth of government by that divinely simple law, which has been alluded to before, and consists in making the young of man depend upon the parents for years after the period of lactation has ceased. id=9948 The University of Michigan Press, 1993 2g Discipline and History society advance, the greatest of institutions-the state-increases in intensity of action, and when humanity falters back, the state, like the function of a diseased organ, becomes sluggish or acts with ruinous feverishness.

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