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By H. P. Lee, George Winterton

Highlighting turning issues within the shaping of the Australian state considering that Federation, this assortment examines instances from their criminal and political context, via their implementation and eventual influence on constitutional reform. Contributions by means of famous constitutional attorneys, judges and former leader justices make sure the worth of the research.

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What distinction does a written structure make to public coverage? How have ladies staff fared in a state sure by means of constitutional ideas, in comparison with these now not lined via formal, written promises of reasonable technique or equitable end result? to enquire those questions, Vivien Hart lines the evolution of minimal salary rules within the usa and Britain from their universal origins in women's politics round 1900 to their divergent results in our day.

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Verwaltungsrecht soll dem Einzelnen Schutz gewähren und der Verwaltung zu wirkungsvoller und effizienter Erfüllung ihrer Aufgaben rechtlich den Weg ordnen. Dieser Doppelauftrag sieht sich vor zahlreichen neuen Herausforderungen: used to be kann die Gesetzesgebundenheit der Verwaltung angesichts komplexer Risikolagen noch leisten?

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2001) 3 Constitutional Law and Policy Review 57 at 62. See also G. Lindell, ‘Parliamentary Inquiries and Government Witnesses’ (1995) 20 Melbourne University Law Review 383 at 414–15. 22 See A. Twomey, ‘Reconciling Parliament’s Contempt Powers with the Constitutional Separation of Powers’ (1997) 8 Public Law Review 88, especially 97–101; Egan v Willis (1998) 195 CLR 424 at 494 [136] per Kirby J. 23 Australian Capital Television Ltd v Commonwealth (1992) 177 CLR 106; Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Wills (1992) 177 CLR 1.

If Parkes would meet the Council as a body of leading colonial opinion, JOHN WILLIAMS 13 he could have his conference. The NSW Governor pressed this compromise on Parkes. He agreed but only after some solid diplomatic work behind the scenes. The Conference met in the Legislative Council Chamber of the Victorian Parliament on 6 February in the heat of a Melbourne summer and ran until the 14th of that month. 67 First, the participants met as ‘delegates’ for their respective colonies. This was not a meeting of governments or an interparliamentary committee, so they had no authority to bind their respective colonies.

It provided an opportunity for federalists from around the country to meet and exchange ideas and maintain links as a means of assisting the ultimate goal of a large union. 57 In the terms of the Federal Council of Australasia Act the Australian drafters established a number of powers dealing with their ‘common interest’ which would be replicated in the Commonwealth Constitution. JOHN WILLIAMS 11 For example the Council in s. 15 was to have legislative authority with respect to relations with the ‘islands of the Pacific’, ‘Prevention of the influx of criminals’, ‘fisheries’, as well as matters ‘referred’ to the Council.

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