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By James Clarke

The Atlantic Pilot Atlas presents a whole consultant to the elements of the North and South Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Now revised for the 5th version, it comprises climate forecasting, international warming and typhoon avoidance details in addition to wind and present charts, wave heights, tropical cyclone tracks and delivery routes. Any skipper considering an ocean crossing must be aware of what stipulations he's prone to meet en course, so one can plan a secure and cozy passage, and this ebook offers precisely what's wanted. forty especially drawn colour charts express certain details at the winds, currents, gale frequencies, tough sea stipulations, typhoon tracks and prompt crusing routes for every month of the yr for these kinds of oceans.

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Arus lepOlling frelluencies of 10% or IfIIlle include : the Bay 01 Fundy, the Gull 01 SI lawrence, coastal areas 01 Newtoundland and Ballin Island. southern coastal'egwllS ~I Greenland. ponions of the his/! See and the louthern pan of the North Sea. WIcllflCllaNi. thence to jU$t 011 the southern «11111 ol1celand and then eastward. bu t lJendiflll north belen readliflll the Norway COlIS!. A5% incidence alse COWefslhe Blitish Isla. some ~f the Ballic. and an area off Wesl Affica 200 miles either lide ~f the line between 36"N Zl"W.

The NE trades are more C$13blishcd in the Canary Islands, where winds from Ihe N or NE pccounl for over 90°", of winds in the summer, and blow about half me time in winter. The wind is slrQngcsl in AUgu'>I, 9\"crdging force 4, and weakctit in the autumn. Gales an: ran:. Local modification oflhe prevailing wind is common, both due to the sea bre<:zc effect, and bccau~ of tOpogl"aphy; the wind often blowt; contrnry to the prevailing wind in the lee oflhe islands. Rarely, uopical stonns affect the area when tracking near the Azores.

TEMPERATURE Mean air temperatureli i~ tile soutllllave decreased by about 3"C since Ihe autumn. Temperatures J"ilnge from 26"C in equatorial South America to 4"C off Cape Hem and south ef 50"S further east. ica coast and west of 21l"W. and falls to althe Africa ooasl The 8"C iSllthenn rullS along 45CS. we VISIBILITY Fog is rare nortll 01300s e'cept aleng the Cllasts. during the winter. l ocal radiation fog is found in Rio de Janeiro, and fogs life quita common in Mentevideo. Thick fcgs an allio found Dn the Africa coost particulllJly in Walvis Bay and near tke moulll of the Orilflge River, and poor visibility can be eflC1luntered along this tIlllSt as far IlOfIh as 5CS.

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