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By Errico Malatesta

Whereas Malatesta used to be hiding from the police he frequently went to a restaurant in Ancona, Italy. He had shaved off his traditional beard yet he used to be nonetheless taking a chance. in particular as this wasn't an anarchist cafe, yet had a number of buyers together with the neighborhood policeman. The conversations he had during this café grew to become the root for the dialogues that make up this booklet. For the 1st time in English, Malatesta, in his traditional common sense and matter-of-fact kind, units out and significantly analyses the arguments for and opposed to anarchism. Translated by way of Paul Nursey-Bray, it is a vintage defence of anarchism that anticipates the increase of nationalism, fascism and communism.

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Unacceptable in the explanation that I have given you. G I O R G I O : Ah! I bel ieve you . After having lived your l i fe A M B R O G I O : There is . . I don't know. . the whole system. between codices and books of law in order to defend the Let's leave aside the q uestion of right, on which we will not rights of the State and those of the proprietors, a society ag ree; but let us suppose that, as you mainta i n, we a l l h ave without State a nd proprietors, in which there will no longer on equal right to en joy the existing wealth, I admit that com­ be any rebels and starving people to send to the galleys, m u n ism would seem to be the most exped itious arrangement must seem to you l i ke something from another worl d .

Powerful and have organised their dominance on a stable You do know the story of the horse which asked protection basis, as is the case, today, with the owners and rulers, there from a man, and allowed him to mount on its back? needs to be a revolution to liberate oneself. When, on the contrary, criminality is reduced to individual 100 A M B R O G I O : All right. At this point I am only seeking some information and not a discussion. 101 Another thing. Seeing that in your society all are socially Do you thi nk that they will let themselves die of h unger rather equal, all have a right to the same access to education and than working with the i r own hands, or that they would kill development, all have full liberty to choose their own l i fe, themselves rather than com ing to an agreement and dividing how are you going to provide for the necessary tasks.

G I O R G I O : Certainly: and whoever it is, will have � resi stan ce that you offer. , I'f on the cont rary you are pig. a od even ing. '11 be , sO much Ihe wor se for you. Go that you WI /y. But same rights as the com m u n i sts over the natural wealth acc u m ulated products of previous generation s. For sa ke ! I have always spoken of free agreement, of free m u n i sm . How could there be l iberty without a po ssible native? A M B R O G I O : So, you don't want to impose your with force?

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