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This publication is an important reference for somebody utilizing AppleScript to change current scripts or write new ones. It presents many pattern scripts and discusses complicated subject matters corresponding to writing command handlers for script functions, the scope of script variables and homes declared at various degrees in a script, and inheritance and delegation between script gadgets.

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5 For more information about coercing values, see “Expressions” (page 199). Common Value Class Definitions 5/5/99  Apple Computer, Inc. 59 C H A P T E R 3 Values and Constants COERCIONS SUPPORTED AppleScript supports coercion of a class identifier to a single-item list. Constant 3 A value of class Constant is a reserved word defined by AppleScript or an application in its dictionary. Applications define sets of values that can be used for parameters of a particular command. For example, the value of the saving parameter of a Close command must be one of the three constants yes, no, and ask, where saving no means do not save any changes, saving yes means save without asking, and saving ask means ask the user whether to save.

Notice that the previous example contains the statement close front window instead of close the front window. AppleScript allows you to add or remove the word the anywhere in a script without changing the meaning of the script. You can use the word the to make your statements more English-like and therefore more readable. Here’s another example of a compound statement: if the name of the front window is "Fred" then close front window end if Statements contained in a compound statement can themselves be compound statements.

This chapter describes how to interpret value class definitions, discusses the common characteristics of all value classes, and presents definitions of many value classes supported in AppleScript. It also describes how to coerce values and describes various types of constant values you can use in scripts. Value classes and coercions are described in the following sections: ■ “Common Value Class Definitions” (page 56) provides detailed definitions for a set of commonly used AppleScript value classes.

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