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By Janice J. Gabbert

Antigonus Gonatas assumed the identify King of Macedonia in 283 BC; he turned the undisputed ruler of Macedonia in 276 BC and reigned for greater than 40 years. Blunt, sincere and tenacious, Antigonus received not just Macedonia, but additionally its humans. Pragmatic and sometimes ruthless, he was once a well-educated guy with a willing curiosity in philosophy. He accrued approximately him poets, philosophers and historians; his lengthy reign, regardless of vicissitudes, re-established Macedonia as a country. Janice J. Gabbert portrays the eventful lifetime of this enigmatic king in a full of life and fascinating demeanour. Her goal is to track the political profession of a guy approximately whose existence virtually no legit files live on. taking into consideration the newest epigraphical facts, the writer brings to existence a desirable political determine. this can be the 1st examine solely dedicated to Antigonus for over 80 years, and crucial interpreting for these drawn to the heritage of the Successors of Alexander.

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He, too, had many friends and connections in Macedonia. In any case, after the destruction and looting of royal tombs, Pyrrhus became very unpopular and his control of part of Macedonia was tenuous at best. At that point, he received a request from Cleonymus, an exiled Spartan king, to lead an army against Sparta in the interest of Cleonymus. A new adventure was very appealing under the circumstances, and it was probably much more than an adventure. It is clear enough that Antigonus had considerable strength in the Peloponnese.

Ameinias, the former pirate who held some significant position at Corinth, almost made up for his lack of status by his close personal relationship with Antigonus. Alexander, son of Craterus, died about five years later and Antigonus recovered control of Corinth by promising the widow, Nicaea, a marriage to his son Demetrius. 33 No more is heard of her. For the next few years, there seem to be three simultaneous commanders at Corinth. This is misleading. The philosopher Persaios, a man named Archelaus, and another named Theophrastus are all referred to in terms that suggest they are in charge of something.

The first two garrison commanders were mercenaries and foreigners. Heracleides seems to have been not well liked, and not much is known about him. Hierocles, who commanded the garrison sometime before 265, was a close personal friend of the philosopher Menedemos and was stationed at the garrison for many years as a subordinate to Heracleides before becoming commander in his own name. It was in that earlier time that the Athenians thought they knew him well enough to bribe him to betray the garrison to a group of Athenians.

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