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In uncertain times and recessionary periods, he observed, people hold what they have and become thrifty as precautionary moves. They create hoards, which is the household practice. Don’t we all curtail our spending, use leftovers, and make-do in bad times? But the household that keeps its stock of vital force to itself hinders the market, which needs spending of money to stay in motion. Today we think we can circumvent this dialectic of house and market by inserting government spending into the cycle and expanding the currency supply, but does this macro-action replenish the household cellar of strength or leave it bare while increasing house dependence on the market?

But thrift presumes that the stream of wealth is limited, whereas profit making may expand the stream. With thrift, one limits the use of the means – whether a ball of thread, a pot of food, or money for purchases – to have a leftover for the morrow. Making savings is a cautionary act, often taken in the face of an uncertain future. Thrift preserves what one has. Profit making is different. It can include being thrifty as in buying less expensive resources, which is directed to minimizing the means.

Beneath the figuring and calculations that engage our everyday experiences of economy lie the connections by which we survive and that link us to one another. After thought and forward thoughts Vitality energy is put together by the design and labor of humans, however its components are secured from the land as a gift from the divinity. Like any return that is gained without labor, these elements for making life’s strength are rents, although others do not remit them to the people. Of course, if the land that the people use is held privately or by the state, its owner may demand a rent.

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