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By Lavie Tidhar

After Archangels materialise over the bloodbaths of WWII, they absorb place of dwelling in many of the world's significant towns. yet what might ensue if, greater than region of a century later, whatever by some means controlled to kill those ideal beings? Killarney is familiar with and, as an agent operating for the Bureau, a British supplier that is so mystery it does not formally exist, she reveals herself embroiled within the results as, one after the other, the Archangels die. Assigned to track a lacking cryptographer idea to have details at the murders, she travels from England, via France, heading for the frozen wastes of the USSR. yet there is an unknown 3rd social gathering purpose on preventing her, and there is God, who additionally has an schedule. no longer figuring out who's buddy and who's foe, and with just a short glimpse of a swastika on angel wings as good details, Killarney struggles to stay alive lengthy adequate to glean adequate info to place jointly the items of the puzzle and whole what's, with no them, an very unlikely project.

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When I got downstairs, the restaurant was closed. Seago sat alone at a corner table, smoking. The stub of one cigarette was already in the ashtray. ” He didn’t wait for an answer but poured the dark liquid into a small china cup and another helping into his own. I sat opposite him, stretching out my legs. When I drank, the coffee rushed through my system, the organism gearing up, charged and ready to fight again. It felt good. “Look, Killarney,” Seago said, “I want you to know I didn’t have anything to do with not briefing you beforehand.

There’s the human one below, the realm of the Sluzba Bezpieczeństwa and Stasi, of dank cells and rats and beatings, blood in water--but I wasn’t going to think about that, I was going to think ahead, to safety, to getting away with it. Just don’t fly too high. There’s the human realm, and then there’s the heavenly one where the winged predators ruled. We flew over the border into East Germany and I consulted the map as I let the microlight glide, unassisted, then grabbed hold of the bars again and swooped north, Ford behind me--and I knew the thing with Raphael had been serious, they wouldn’t let someone like Ford out of bed for less than a revolution, nukes, or angels.

Her hand flopped down and exposed a tattoo on her wrist: an inverted swastika inked in red with a spread wing on each side. I hadn’t seen that before and it was making me worried, suggesting the opposition were new. Unknown meant unpredictable in this business, a different kind of dangerous. I left the toilet cover up, positioning her so that the blood ebbed into the bowl below, turning the water red. I used toilet paper to wipe blood from the floor--I’d have to take the knife with me--and I closed the door on her and locked it from the outside, moving the screw with the knife until it clicked.

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