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By Frederick W. Alt

Advances in Immunology, an extended proven and hugely revered serial, provides present advancements in addition to accomplished studies in immunology. Articles deal with the wide variety of themes that contain immunology, together with molecular and mobile activation mechanisms, phylogeny and molecular evolution, and medical modalities. Edited and authored by means of the major scientists within the box, every one quantity offers updated details and instructions for destiny learn.

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Immunol. 166, 5051–5057. , Ramiro, A. , McBride, K. , and Nussenzweig, M. C. (2003). C‐terminal deletion of AID uncouples class switch recombination from somatic hypermutation and gene conversion. Mol. Cell 12, 501–508. , Schrum, J. , Manis, J. , and Alt, F. W. (2005). The AID antibody diversification enzyme is regulated by protein kinase A phosphorylation. Nature 438, 508–511. Begum, N. , Boyer, L. , and Honjo, T. (2004a). Uracil DNA glycosylase activity is dispensable for immunoglobulin class switch.

USA 101, 13003–13007. Begum, N. , and Honjo, T. (2006). Requirement of non‐canonical activity of uracil DNA glycosylase for class switch reccombination. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 732–742. , Pomerantz, R. , and Duan, L. X. (1998). Diversity of HIV‐1 Vpr interactions involves usage of the WXXF motif of host cell proteins. J. Biol. Chem. 273, 8009–8016. , Scharff, M. , and Goodman, M. F. (2003). Activation‐induced cytidine deaminase deaminates deoxycytidine on single‐stranded DNA but requires the action of RNase.

The requirement of the WXXF motif further strengthens the previous assumption that UNG might have an alternate function, other than its conventional U‐glycosylase activity, that is essential to the postbreak repair‐recombination phase of CSR. It is well known that mechanically distinct repair pathways are involved in CSR, SHM, and gene conversion; it remains to be seen how these pathways are controlled, given UNG plays a noncanonical role. 9. Conclusion The essential function of AID is DNA cleavage at the specific target in SHM and CSR.

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