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By Karl Maramorosch, Frederick A. Murphy

The first evaluate sequence in virology and released for the reason that 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a various diversity of in-depth experiences, supplying a worthwhile evaluate of the sphere.

  • Contributions from best authorities
  • Comprehensive reports for basic and expert use
  • First and longest-running evaluate sequence in virology

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2006). Thus, it remains to be investigated whether these GSLs are specific DENV binding factors required for entry and to which virus protein/signature they bind. , 2007). Unfortunately, at variance to JEV and WNW, the role of this integrin in DENV infection could not be deciphered. , 2007). These results 46 Eliana G. Acosta et al. suggest that avb3 integrin might play a role in DENV replication, but its role in entry, if any, is questionable. , 2012). These proteins participate in the PtdSer-dependent phagocytic removal of apoptotic cells.

2008). Importantly, viral variants with reduced affinity for heparan sulfate do not completely lose interaction with this proteoglycan. , 2008). Even though these in vivo studies do not clarify 40 Eliana G. Acosta et al. conclusively the mode of action of HSPGs during DENV entry, they invite to speculate that a distinct cell- and tissue-specific HSPG expression pattern might contribute to a differential targeting of viral particles and, thus, viral tropism and pathogenesis. Another class of host cell factors with reported relevance for DENV attachment are the C-type lectin receptors.

High-confidence hits were assessed for their role in the replication cycle of WNV and DENV. Results from this screen and the ones described earlier identified the vATPase as common hit, while WNV and YFV appear to share some members of the G proteincoupled receptor kinase (GRK) family. , 2012). In spite of the power of high-content siRNA screens to identify novel pathways required for virus replication, this technology is prone to falsenegative and false-positive hits, the latter frequently caused by off-target effects.

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