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27 Clapmar, in turn, influenced other Aristotelians who subsequently made regime types the pivot of Reason of State theory. Lodovico Zuccolo’s Considerations on Reason of State (1621) was the most penetrating and original instance of this dedication to knowledge of “the ways and means” of founding and preserving various regimes. More important than the ethical differences between a king and a tyrant, Zuccolo claimed, are the functional differences between the French monarchy and the Spanish or between the Dutch democracy and the Swiss.

3, chs. 175, 192, 195–6, 199–232; Montaigne 1958, 533. Two Dimensions of Realism 28 intensely critical of conventional ideals, and they made their money teaching citizens how to participate in the deliberative and judicial assemblies of democratic Athens. So little were they committed to the scholarly life of contemplation, however, that the Sophists produced few primary texts; so despised were they by more scholarly types, even fewer were preserved. Shallow secondhand caricatures by anti-Sophists, by contrast, have been handed down in abundance.

Thucydides wasn’t nearly as fashionable as Cicero or Tacitus in the later sixteenth century, during the heyday of Reason of State, and Thomas Hobbes’ translation of The Peloponnesian War in 13 Citations of The Peloponnesian War in parentheses refer to book and chapter numbers, sourced from Thucydides 1928. Two Dimensions of Realism 30 the 1620s was therefore a rare literary act. In the marginal notes to one debate about justice and interest, Hobbes commented that “it doth not appear . . that the [Spartans] deserved any reputation for justice, but contrarily they appear .

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