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F Of The f Author's Works. f Containing, I Letters f To and From f Dr. J. D. f From The f Year 1714, to 1738. I As Also, f Some Free Thoughts upon the I Present State of Affairs. f = f Dublin: I Printed by George Faulkner, /-I M,DCCL,XIII. Volume VIII. f Of The I Author's Works. f Containing, f Directions to Servants; f And f Other Pieces in Prose f and Verse. f - I COLLECTED WORKS [monogram] M,DCC,LXIII. / Of The f Author's Works. f Containing, I Letters to Governor Hunter. f The History of the last Session of Parliament, f and the Peace of Utrecht.

I- I M,Dcc,xxx,vm. Volume IV. I Of the Author's I Works, I Containing, A I Collection of Tracts, I Relating To I Ireland; I Among which are, I The Drapier's Letters I To The I People of Ireland, I Against I Receiving Wood's Half-pence: I Also, I Two Original Drapier's Letters. I= I Dublin: I Printed by and for George Faulkner, I in Essexstreet, opposite to the Bridge. I - I MDCCXXXVIII. Volume V. I Of The I Author's Works. I Containing I The Conduct of the Allies, I and the Examiners. I = I [monogram] I = I Dublin: I Printed by and for George Faulkner.

I Consisting chiefly of I Original Pieces I In I Prose and Verse. I - I By D - - n S - - - - t. I - I Never before Published in this Kingdom. I- I [ornament] I= I Dublin Printed. I London: Re-printed for A. Moore I in Fleetstreet, 1734. , 1-55 + bl. (49-50 omitted in numbering). Contains: Apology to Lady Carteret; Libel on D-D-; Epistle upon an Epistle ( = Christmas-Box for D. D-ny); Epistle to Lord Carteret; The Drapier Demolished; A Proposal for an Act of Parliament to pay oft the Debt of the Nation without taxing the Subject (here called: A Proposal, &c.

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